Shaping the energy transition
was rarely so simple!

Climate-friendly electricity supply for your business

With tenant electricity from EINHUNDERT, you opt for green electricity generated on site from a decentralised supply system.

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Are you self-employed or looking for an electricity provider for your business?

You can purchase our tenant electricity up to an annual consumption of 100,000 kWh. In this way, you optimise your carbon footprint and position yourself as an environmentally conscious and future-oriented company.

Your benefits


100% green

With EINHUNDERT’s electricity mix, we supply your business with 100% green electricity from renewable energy sources.


Maximum transparency

In our tenant portal, you have your current consumption and costs at a glance at all times.

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100% local

The electricity is generated directly on site by the multi tenant self consumption system.
It doesn’t get any more local than this!

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Fair prices

You benefit from green electricity at competitive prices.


100% safe

If the electricity from the system is not sufficient, we supply the remaining electricity from the grid.


No effort

After registration, we take care of everything else. We also take over the termination of your old supplier.

Our Tenant Portal

Our software platform combined with smart meters digitises the operation of tenant power systems and creates numerous added values for you and your tenants: With personal access to our Tenant Portal, your tenants have an overview of consumption and costs at all times and save themselves meter readings and non-transparent billing. In addition, your tenants benefit from monthly digital invoices and a real-time dashboard of the solar quota and electricity costs.

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    This is how it works

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    Your landlord commissions us to supply tenants with electricity.

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    Switching is very easy! Simply fill out the online contact form or give us a call.

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    Done! We’ll take care of the rest.

    This is how easy it is to obtain pure green electricity for your commerce – all from a single source and without much effort.


    What exactly does EINHUNDERT do?

    We develop smart services around a consistently green as well as a consistently digital energy supply for people in the city.

    To this end, we install and operate state-of-the-art green technologies such as solar systems, heat pumps and soon also e-charging stations – always together with digital electricity meters for full transparency on production, consumption and costs. In the online customer portal, every customer can see exactly what is happening at a glance and can always keep an eye on consumption and the corresponding monthly costs.

    Even businesses without their own buildings should benefit from the energy transition with us and be among the city’s pioneers: to this end, we simply supply 100% green, certified electricity and also offer individual portal access for full consumption and cost transparency.

    When do I become a commercial customer?

    Do you not use your electricity exclusively for private purposes? Customers who have registered a business are in principle also commercial customers when they purchase electricity. For example, they operate:

    • an agency
    • a kiosk
    • a hairdresser’s
    • a medical practice
    • a pharmacy
    • a craftsman’s workshop
    • etc.

    For an annual consumption of up to 100,000 kWh, we will gladly supply you with our green electricity.

    I have a business and would like to become an EINHUNDERT customer - how does that work?

    We appreciate your interest! We need more pioneers of the energy transition. Another good thing about tenant electricity projects is that we are not bound by the contract terms of tenants’ previous electricity providers, as these projects are state-subsidised and we can therefore easily obtain early release from existing contracts.

    Do I have to give notice to my current electricity provider? Am I bound to their contract period?

    You do not have to cancel your contract with your current electricity provider. We will take care of that for you. Since multi tenant self consumption projects are subsidised and you always have priority, you can make use of your special right of termination. This means that you are not bound to your current contract term.

    Will I incur extra costs for the installation/use of the digital electricity meter?

    No, there are no additional costs for replacing the digital electricity meter. Not even if you move out or terminate the electricity contract with EINHUNDERT.

    What are my advantages as a commercial customer?

    As a commercial tenant electricity customer, you benefit in several ways: we supply you with 100% green electricity, which is usually cheaper than the conventional electricity from your basic supplier. In addition, we install a smart meter (meter connected to the internet) and only bill you for the exact amount of electricity you have consumed each month. You also become less dependent on the large energy companies and promote the spread of decentralised energy generation in commercial buildings.

    What is tenant electricity and why is it cheaper?

    Since mid-2017, the expansion of solar systems and CHP units has also been promoted in multi-party buildings. So if the electricity is produced in the same place where it is also consumed, a house can become a small green power plant, as the electricity does not have to go through the general grid first. Such tenant electricity projects are state-subsidised – which is why we can offer a cheaper electricity tariff than the local basic supplier.

    Can I contribute to climate protection with tenant electricity from EINHUNDERT?

    Definitely! By choosing our pure green electricity from renewable sources, you reduce the CO2 emissions of your business and thus actively contribute to decarbonisation.


    Would you like to know whether we can also solve your individual challenges?

    We will be happy to advise you.


    Louisa Treutle

    Head of Customer Service