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EINHUNDERT handles all processes to the implementation of your PV system 

You benefit from a scalable multi tenant self consumption solution.
The photovoltaic system meets all energy market requirements and is ready for immediate use.


Initial classification

Serious initial assessment of the economic and structural feasibility of the PV system.


Standardized processes

Acceleration of PV planning, through financing to implementation.


Highly standardized multi-stage testing process

Individual advice from EINHUNDERT on the feasibility of PV tenant electricity in your property portfolio.

Years of experience with 3000 buildings connected

We know the technical pitfalls.

Objective and independent

We work exclusively with experienced partners. Together we optimise purchasing in your interest.

Optimised purchase of PV technology

With a large number of systems, we are a relevant partner and enable cost synergies in services and material procurement.


Satellite-based portfolio scan

You receive on-demand potential evaluation for PV performance, CO2 savings and profitability for all your properties.

Installation of the PV system

EINHUNDET acts as the solar installer and handles all typical services. This includes planning, material procurement, construction management of the PV system and final completion.

100% financial protection

EINHUNDERT finances the PV system at its own risk – so the system does not appear as an asset on your balance sheet. In addition to financing, EINHUNDET also operates the photovoltaic system after installation and is responsible for all operator risks – this includes technical failures, liability issues and insurance claims.

Operator of your PV system

As the operator of the PV generating plant, we take care of the maintenance and insurance of the plant and ensure smooth production for your multi tenant self consumption project.


Would you like to know whether we can also solve your individual challenges?

We will be happy to advise you.


Sarah Seiler

VP Customer