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Mission and vision

We support you as a digital service partner in offering your tenants solar power from their own roof. The vision is as relevant as it is simple: a carbon neutral European building stock. Thanks to innovative software and standardised processes, we enable you to roll out multi tenant self consumption cost-efficiently across your entire building portfolio. Through the consistent use of smart meters, you as a landlord have full transparency at all times about the economic efficiency, CO2 balances and electricity flows of all multi tenant self consumption systems. As a result, around one tonne of CO2 is saved per end user per year.


A carbon neutral building stock

The challenge of bringing green technologies into multi tenant buildings is fundamentally different from the classic individual project business of engineering offices – this is where we at EINHUNDERT work with you to bring the energy system transformation to the city.


Consistent digitisation of the process

Only through the consistent digitalisation of the entire process chain can multi tenant self consumption be thought big. To do this, we rely on our own software and excellent process knowledge from operations, based on a large number of multi tenant self consumption buildings throughout Germany.


More than a software solution

In the complex energy market, our software solution is only a partial approach. From the very beginning, we have been at our clients’ side as a digital service partner and energy supplier in partnership.

Our values

Sustainable energy supply

We stand for the implementation of a sustainable decentralised energy supply for building stock

Expertise and market experience

As a team, we combine excellence in software, energy industry processes and customer processes.

EINHUNDERT stands for consistency

EINHUNDERT stands for consistency -100 percent digital, scalable and CO2-free solutions.

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Flexible working hours


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30 days holiday


No-Domestic-Flight Policy


Employee profit-sharing


Support for commuters

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Join us in transforming urban properties into digital energy hubs: with solar power for tenants from their own roofs and smart energy meters. And with an app that finally makes energy transparent. Join us in bringing the energy system transition to the city.

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