End user service

Our tenant support service helps you achieve strong participation rates and satisfied multi tenant self consumption end users.

We take care of your multi tenant self consumption end users for you via our customer service center and also manage large customer bases in our CRM system in a quality-assured and reliable manner. You and your tenants benefit from our professional service.


Quality-assured customer service

Your tenants are in the best hands with our customer service center – via email and telephone, our team is there for your tenants from Monday to Friday.


Tenant portal

Your tenants have the possibility to transparently view electricity costs and solar quotas in real time at any time.


Quality-assured customer service

Customer service from experienced multi tenant self consumption provider EINHUNDERT with over 2,000 customers on the platform.

Ongoing development

Ongoing development of the service offering with own product development for multi tenant self consumption end users.

Digital marketing and onboarding approach of your tenants

Digital marketing and onboarding approach for tenants in new multi tenant self consumption systems, closely integrated with landing pages and our tenant portal, which is also available in white labeling. In addition, we offer a high-quality telephone and mailing service, which is also available in co-branding.


Support with tenant acquisition

We provide you with a mix of high-quality acquisition materials ranging from flyers to a project-specific landing page to bonus programs and openly advise your tenants on all questions regarding your multi tenant self consumption project. In doing so, your tenants have the opportunity to contact us at any time.

End user service

For all participating tenants, our customer service team is the point of contact for billing and the tenant portal – by mail and phone, our team is available 5 days a week.

Electricity supplier

Unless you become your tenants’ energy supplier yourself, we will act as your tenants’ electricity supplier – fulfilling all legal requirements and obligations.

Tenant portal

Your tenants can view your electricity costs and solar rates in real time at any time.

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Louisa Treutle

Head of Customer Service