Smart metering

EINHUNDERT is a digital metering point operator and makes your multi tenant self consumption rollout future-proof thanks to smart meters.

With our smart metering service, we lay the foundation for the digital management of multi tenant self consumption systems. Together with strong partners, we offer fully integrated, remotely meter-reading technology with a connection to our EINHUNDERT cloud. All tasks of metering point operation included.


Digital management

With our smart metering service, you have the option of managing your multi tenant self consumption systems digitally.


Standardised processes

Based on standardised processes, we offer you cost security with clear price structures.


Legally compliant smart meter concept

Our smart meter concept covers all regulatory requirements.

Standardised planning, installation and operation

We offer cost certainty with clear pricing and thus enable the economic multi tenant self consumption rollout.

High frequency remote meter-readings

We create the basis for a new dimension of transparency about consumption, production and economic efficiency. Readout errors and manual recording processes are eliminated.

Connection to smart meter gateways

We offer you the option of connecting heat, water and boiler room meters to our smart meter gateways in one expansion step. Here we work together with market-leading submetering partners in research and development projects.


Advice on smart metering requirements

We advise you on the current technical and legal requirements for smart metering. In particular, we are your partner for the installation of certified smart meters in connection with the nationwide smart meter rollout.

Provision of metering concept

Together with our partners, we develop a building-specific metering concept that meets the requirements of multi tenant self consumption and the special features of existing buildings.

Installation and registration

We take over the entire process for you and order and install the smart meters. We accompany you permanently in your multi tenant self consumption project and provide the necessary hardware for each of your tenants as required.

Metering point operation

We assume all legal obligations and are responsible for the complete metering point operation in your multi tenant self consumption system.


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Sarah Seiler

VP Customer