German electricity mix vs. EINHUNDERT electricity mix

German electricity mix in 2020*

48,9 % green electricity

  • Nuclear

  • Coal

  • Natural gas

  • Other fossils

  • Renewable energies

EINHUNDERT electricity mix

100 % green electricity

  • Other renewable energies

  • Renewable energies subsidized under the EEG

It is regulated by law that we must list a calculated share of EEG-subsidized electricity quantities here.

The electricity mix with EINHUNDERT

The EINHUNDERT electricity mix consists of 100% green electricity. An average of 30% is solar power directly from the roof. If the sun is not shining, green electricity is purchased from the grid. However, our customers don’t notice this – the electricity is always simply green. 


We rely on residual electricity from onshore wind power plants in Austria

The electricity grid can be compared to a lake that is supplied with water by streams and rivers. The individual streams and rivers symbolise the various generation plants that constantly feed energy into the power lake. The energy comes from renewable sources such as solar, hydro and wind power, but also from fossil fuels such as coal or gas and nuclear power. The electricity flowing out of the lake therefore contains a mix of renewable and fossil energies.

Graphic power lake

By choosing their electricity provider, consumers can influence the composition of the electricity mix in the power lake and the proportion of green energy in it. We rely on electricity from onshore wind power plants in Austria for the remaining electricity supply to our customers, which is fed into the German electricity grid. In this way, we actively contribute to improving the quality of the power lake and ensuring that more green electricity ends up in the power sockets of end consumers.


We contribute to the development of renewable energies

A corresponding draft law of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection also stipulates that by 2035 the entire electricity supply should be based on renewable energy sources, i.e. the share of green electricity in the power lake would then be 100 percent. In order to achieve this goal, the expansion of renewable energy generation plants must also be driven forward. With the solar plants we have built, we are starting precisely there and ensuring that the power lake also becomes greener through the increase in green power generation plants.


How is the source of green electricity ensured?

The direct influence on the physical share of green power in the electricity mix distinguishes reputable green electricity suppliers from those who only trade in certificates. Electricity traded solely on paper, for example from hydroelectric power plants in Norway, doesn’t contribute to the quality of german electricity mix. For the procurement of our green electricity, we work with established partners who are also committed to the energy transition and rely on official certificates of origin. These certify in Germany how and where electricity was produced from renewable energy sources and are managed centrally by the Federal Environment Agency. They are comparable to a birth certificate.
This not only ensures the quality of the green electricity, but also that a certain quantity of a certain quality is only traded once. The trading and quality assurance of the electricity itself is carried out for us by the company Next Kraftwerke.


Next Kraftwerke

Next Kraftwerke about themselves:

„We operate one of Europe’s largest Virtual Power Plants. From our central control platform, we connect power-producing assets from renewable sources such as biogas, wind, and solar with commercial and industrial power consumers and power-storage systems. The resulting tight-knit network benefits everyone involved and the power grid as a whole.“ (Quote; 20.03.2018)