Secure attractive subsidies with multi tenant self consumption – when the complete package is right!


Secure attractive subsidies with multi tenant self consumption – when the complete package is right!

Around 70% of the total of 18 million residential buildings in Germany were built before 1979, i.e. at a time when there were no or extremely low energy efficiency requirements. According to a study by the Institute for Living and the Environment, 25-30% of these existing buildings have been modernized. As a result, nearly 9 million residential properties in Germany have not yet been upgraded, or have been upgraded only slightly in terms of energy efficiency.

Meanwhile, the pressure on the real estate industry is increasing

The EU wants to make the passive house the standard, especially for new buildings. And in Germany, the Building Energy Act, which will replace the current Energy Saving Ordinance (EnEV), is on the drawing board. The problem so far: High complexity and excessive bureaucracy make the energy system transition in the real estate sector difficult, which is why decision-makers usually limit themselves to the minimum standards instead of planning particularly efficient buildings. The justified concern of further increasing the already high construction costs is too daunting.

Developing efficient real estate and its financial benefits

Germany has one of the most comprehensive European programs to promote energy efficiency in real estate. It is administered by the KfW (Credit Institute for Reconstruction, a German state-owned development bank). The benchmark for energy efficiency is the “KfW Efficiency House” defined by KfW. This is determined on the basis of the so-called “reference building,” which is defined in the EnEV and meets all minimum legal requirements. A building whose energy requirements correspond exactly to the current specifications of the EnEV is exactly the same as a KfW Efficiency House 100. In this case, there is no subsidy. Accordingly, a KfW Efficiency House 70 requires only 70% of the primary energy of the reference building; a KfW Efficiency House 55 only 55%, and so on. The lower the figure, the higher the efficiency of the property – and thus the KfW subsidy.

Simply secure subsidies according to KfW 40 Plus

Buildings constructed to the KfW 40 Plus standard receive particularly strong subsidies. This standard allows a loan of up to 100% of the investment costs and a one-time grant of 15%. In total, €30,000 subsidy per housing unit is available. From June 2021, even a subsidy of €37,500 per housing unit applies.

One of the conditions of the 40 Plus subsidy is that electricity must be produced sustainably on site and at least 40% of this electricity must be consumed locally. In multi tenant buildings, 40 Plus properties must therefore by definition be operated as multi tenant self consumption properties, so that the electricity is passed on to the occupants. In this context, the use of photovoltaics is often the most financially attractive option. In addition, visualization of energy consumption in the building and by individual tenants is mandatory in order to secure subsidies. Here, it is advisable to rely on digital electricity metering technology and on a multi tenant self consumption provider that can process energy data automatically and display it via app.

Essential: Choose a reliable multi tenant self consumption partner

As a multi tenant self consumption provider for pioneers, EINHUNDERT even offers the implementation of a digital electricity metering concept in addition to the complete photovoltaic package consisting of planning, installation, operation, maintenance and insurance. The company works in principle with digital electricity meters that are connected to the internet via a gateway. Thanks to the digital energy data platform, property managers and tenants can then track their consumption live and receive consumption-accurate bills every month. Numerous value-added services for property managers are included.

If you are planning or implementing real estate projects according to KfW efficiency standards, please feel free to contact us. We are your digital multi tenant self consumption partner!