Why multi tenant self consumption?

Why multi tenant self consumption?

“From the roof to the socket” – that is multi tenant self consumption. On the roof of a multi tenant building or commercial property, a photovoltaic system (hereafter: PV system) converts sunlight into cheap electricity and delivers it to the tenants on site. The trick is that the landlord does not suddenly have to transform himself into a licensed energy supplier liable for business tax, but simply engages third parties to take on the role of energy supplier. If the sun does not shine, they supply residual electricity from the grid.

Clever, complex, well thought out

There are countless numbers of these “third parties” or “providers” on the German market. And they all talk about multi tenant self consumption. But not all multi tenant self consumption is the same! The project consists of more than a PV system and cheap electricity, which is so inexpensive because it is not fed through the general power grid and therefore does not incur any grid fees, grid surcharges or concession fees. In reality, this business model is as clever as it is complex: the provider plans, installs and operates the PV system on the roof of the multi tenant building and supplies the tenants with low-cost electricity. But only one thinks the multi tenant self consumption project as a complete package – including transparent billing of individual consumption, digital consumption visualization and digital monitoring of the system performance for step-by-step optimization.

Transparent and digital

EINHUNDERT transforms properties into digitalized energy hubs – as a complete package. Of course, the PV system is also installed on the roof. But the energy system transition should not only be green, but also practical and digitized. With well structured contracts, EINHUNDERT is the partner for property owners who want to have plant performance digital, transparent and optimized, who want a comprehensive overview of project returns, or who want everything financed by EINHUNDERT and to benefit from the company’s Germany-wide network of solar installers and electricians.

Multi tenant self consumption

The company not only plans, installs and operates the PV system, it also provides a customized measurement concept and the measurement technology for digital transparency. With proprietary billing software, EINHUNDERT offers transparent billing of consumption in the building, from individual tenants to heat pumps or e-charging columns. The billing software is in the complete package always included and ready-to-use. If desired, digital metering technology also enables EINHUNDERT to handle heat & water consumption. EINHUNDERT’s complete package is the smart solution for multi tenant self consumption.