Multi tenant self consumption Packages

Flexible multi tenant self consumption solutions thanks to customisable product components

Our tenant electricity packages offer you flexible tenant electricity solutions – custom-fit and scalable. Six product components combine software and processes for service, building technology and energy management and form the basis of our tenant electricity packages Active and Comfort. Based on your strategy, we flexibly share the added value with you and provide you with service support for your tenant electricity rollout – for a profitable energy transition.

Our COMFORT package is the simple complete package. We offer multi tenant self consumption with great service for you and your tenants. For pilot projects and smaller property portfolios, our COMFORT package is best suited, allowing you to avoid expenses and take full advantage of our experience in the complete package.

With our ACTIVE Package, we support your tmutli tenant self consumption rollout and your energy service strategy as a partner with various components. You are the operator of the generation plant and the contractual partner of the tenants. We support you by providing services.


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