Behind-the-meter energy operations

Our support service for behind-the-meter energy operations saves you effort and process risks.

EINHUNDERT takes over the energy management of the multi tenant self consumption system for you, including communication with network operators, third-party switching processes, balancing and clarification cases. You benefit from our many years of experience as a multi tenant self consumption provider with standardized processes.


Quality-assured processes

Our processes are scalable, from pilot to rollout.


Bureaucratic processes

We take over complicated bureaucratic processes.


Quality-assured processes

Quality-assured, scalable processes from the first to the 1,000th unit.

White labeling

Processes are handled entirely in the background on your behalf.

Experienced market partners

We use our data quality and experience in clarification with market partners in your interest.

Cost reduction of up to 60%

Reduce costs by up to 60% when you put your multi tenant self consumption rollout in our hands.


Operation of your PV system

As the operator of the PV generation system, we take care of the maintenance and insurance of the system and ensure smooth production for your multi tenant self consumption project. 

Registration and commissioning of behind-the-meter grid

We register your behind-the-meter grid with the relevant authorities and collect all the necessary documents. Hereby we enable a quick and trouble-free commissioning.

Balancing and billing with distribution system operator

We take over the communication with the distribution network operator for you, balance the processes in the behind-the-meter grid according to its rules and check the annually upcoming network charge settlement for you.

Reporting processes with transmission system operator

We take over the communication processes with the local transmission system operator, register the behind-the-meter grid and transmit the forecast values relevant for the EEG surcharge.

Change from or to third-party supply

We take over the complex administrative processing in the event that tenants subsequently wish to switch from third-party supply to the multi tenant self consumption project or no longer wish to participate.

Residual grid electricity supply

If the consumption in the behind-the-meter grid exceeds the production of your generation plant, we supply all consumers with residual electricity from the power grid. Like PV multi tenant self consumption, this electricity meets the highest ecological standards.


Would you like to know whether we can also solve your individual challenges?

We will be happy to advise you.


Sarah Seiler

VP Customer