PV unit realization

EINHUNDERT supports you in the suitability check and in the realization of PV multi tenant self consumption systems.

We support you in the suitability check of the buildings in your portfolio, the realization of your PV multi tenant self consumption systems and professionally forecast your implementation costs. If required, we organize structural tests and also support you in PV project planning.


Initial classification

Using satellite-based software, we provide you with an initial classification of your building portfolio.


Standardized processes

With the help of standardized checklists, our qualified inspection partners record your building portfolios.


Highly standardized multi-stage testing process

From satellite-based portfolio scanning to on-site walk-throughs.

4 years of experience with over 200 buildings connected

We know the technical pitfalls.

Objective and independent

We have several quality-assured installation partners that you can inquire with no obligation.

Transparent, guaranteed prices for our services

Through our involvement in the realization of PV systems, you have ensured a close support of PV and smart meter from a single source.


Satellite-based portfolio scan

You receive on-demand potential evaluation for PV performance, CO2 savings and profitability for all your properties.

Building inspection directly on site

Qualified specialist partners from our network visit properties selected by you and record the condition on site using a digital checklist. The documentation flows directly to EINHUNDERT, where our operations team performs an expert evaluation. On this basis, the suitability of the property for PV multi tenant self consumption can be evaluated and requirements for technical implementation can be defined.

Project planning with specialist partner mediation

If you wish, we can put you in touch with specialist partners whom we have qualified via multi-stage testing processes and joint service level agreements. These partners take over the detailed planning of the PV systems and the subsequent installation. We coordinate the installation phase and take over the overall commissioning including the necessary notifications to the grid operators.


Would you like to know whether we can also solve your individual challenges?

We will be happy to advise you.


Sarah Seiler

VP Customer