What exactly is EINHUNDERT about?

We develop smart services for an absolute green as well as an absolute digital energy supply for people in the city.

To this end, we install and operate state-of-the-art green technologies such as solar systems, heat pumps and soon also charging stations for electric vehicles – always together with digital electricity meters for full transparency on production, consumption and costs. In the online customer portal, every customer can see exactly what is happening at a glance and can always keep an eye on consumption and the corresponding monthly costs.

Tenants without their own buildings should also benefit from the energy transition with us and be among the city’s pioneers: we simply supply 100% green, certified electricity and also offer individual portal access for full consumption and cost transparency.

Where is the company located?

In our self-proclaimed centre of green and smart energy supply: Cologne-Ehrenfeld. However, another part of our team is unfortunately located on the wrong side of the Rhine – in Bremen. But Bremen is also beautiful!

Lichtstrasse 25
50825 Cologne

How do I contact the team?

For questions, suggestions or compliments:

  • by phone: 0221 888 7 999 8
  • by e-mail: service@einhundert.de
  • by post: Lichtstrasse 25 in 50825 Cologne-Ehrenfeld

We are looking forward to it!

Why EINHUNDERT and who is behind it?

EINHUNDERT (German word for one hundred), because we are consistent in what we do and in what we intend to do. We work with 100% green electricity and do so consistently digital.

“We” – that’s a team of experts from the energy, finance and sales sectors. More about us here.

Multi tenant self consumption COMFORT

From how many residential units can I implement multi tenant self consumption COMFORT?

Multi tenant self consumption COMFORT is a vehicle for increasing the building yield, especially for the housing industry with 1,000 or more residential units, but also for new KfW buildings. Together with EINHUNDERT, you can get off to an optimal start by connecting further sustainable energy solutions and thus take a big step towards carbon neutrality in your building stock.

Is it true that electricity is free of charge for my tenants with multi tenant self consumption COMFORT?

If your tenants want to become part of the multi tenant self consumption project, EINHUNDERT will become their electricity supplier and supply 100% green electricity without interruption at a tariff that is always 10% below the local electricty provider.

How do I convince my tenants for multi tenant self consumption?

Part of our service is to support you in tenant acquisition. To do this, we work with a multi-stage process and use customized landing pages per building, high-quality print materials and incentive programmes. Property managers play an important role in this process, as they are the interface for direct communication with tenants. In addition to motivating them to be more sustainable, you convince your tenants with a tariff 10% below the basic electricity supplier tariff and a start bonus.

Do I have to become an energy supplier myself with multi tenant self consumption COMFORT?

No. In the COMFORT package, EINHUNDERT acts as an energy supplier for your tenants and looks after them and, if applicable, your electricity generation plant. You then only act in the role of investor and provide the PV system (we can also organise this via partners if required).

What subsidies are available for the implementation of multi tenant self consumption?

Since the amendment of the Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG), there is not only an increased multi tenant self consumption subsidy (for each kilowatt hour), but also the possibility to operate multi tenant self consumption in buildings with CHP units and to apply for the subsidy according to the CHP Act (for each kilowatt hour). In addition, new buildings in the KfW 40 Plus standard are subsidised with 24,000 Euros per residential unit. We also recommend researching local subsidies in your citiy and district government.

Can I change from the COMFORT to ACTIVE?

Yes, a change is possible at any time. You set the pace with your strategy and experience and can equip more buildings with multi tenant self consumption in ACTIVE product package. The decisive factor for switching is that you have an ambitious project pipeline.

Multi tenant self consumption ACTIVE

Can I realise multi tenant self consumption with my own branding?

We offer a white label implementation. This means that we present our portal and our accounts in your corporate design. If EINHUNDERT also takes over the end user service for you via telephone and mail, this will be handled in a co-branding approach.

Can I integrate the end-customer portal into my neighbourhood app?

Yes, we offer our data services, billing and analytics through an interface via REST API. This allows neighbourhood apps to integrate our smart meter-based multi tenant self consumption services as part of a cooperation agreement.

Can I have my real estate portfolio broadly analysed for multi tenant self consumption?

Yes, EINHUNDERT offers a wide-area portfolio scan via satellite-based software and provides you with a detailed analysis of the PV potential of your properties.

Do I have to become an energy supplier myself?

Yes, in the ACTIVE product you approach your tenants as an energy supplier under your own name or in co-branding. As a rule, formal licensing as an electricity supplier is not required. The opportunities and risks of selling electricity lie with you in the case of multi tenant self consumption ACTIVE. You can flexibly outsource the operational implementation to us so that, if you wish, only the receivables management and the overall project management remain with you.

How do I convince my tenants about multi tenant self consumption?

Part of our service is to support you in tenant acquisition. To do this, we work with a multi-stage process and use customized landing pages per, high-quality print materials and arrival programmes. Property managers play an important role in this process, as they are the interface for direct communication with tenants. In addition to motivating them to be more sustainable, you convince your tenants with a tariff 10% below the basic electricity supplier tariff and a start bonus.

Is it possible to add product components?

Yes, you can add them at any time. Based on your strategy and your multi tenant self consumption, you can expand your booked product components.

General information on electricity consumption

How do I know how much electricity I use?

A good point of reference is last year’s consumption as it appears on the annual statement from the old electricity supplier. Otherwise, there are average values depending on the size of the household:

1 person 1,500 kWh/year
2 persons 2,500 kWh/year
3 persons 3,200 kWh/year
4 persons 4,000 kWh/year
Where can I find my meter number?

You can either find your meter number on your last electricity bill or directly on your electricity meter. But who wants to go down to the basement and look? So just send us your last electricity bill – it has all the information we need. A photo is enough!

If you want to check it yourself, in multi tenant buildings you can usually look in a separate room in the basement or in a meter cupboard – your meter should be marked with the location of your flat, e.g. 1st floor centre.

How does green electricity get into my socket?

All electricity produced – whether in coal-fired power plants or by solar systems – flows into a general electricity grid if, unlike in the 100.solarhaus, it is not directly self consumed. The source closest to your home therefore also supplies your socket from the grid.

With your choice of electricity provider, you decide who is allowed to replenish the general electricity grid with electricity produced according to your consumption.


Our electricity mix

Multi tenant self consumption

What is multi tenant self consumption?

The multi tenant self consumption with EINHUNDERT finally makes it possible for tenants to obtain solar power generated on site. The model is called multi tenant self consumption. Because tenants should also benefit from the energy system transition.

In a nutshell

> We lease the roof of a multi tenant building

> We install a solar system and replace the analogue meter with a digital electricity meter free of charge for every tenant who wants to participate.

> Green electricity from your own roof flows and is counted by the digital electricity meter, as the name suggests!

> In the end-customer portal, tenants can see exactly how much they are using – both in electricity from their own roof and in electricity from the grid.

When the sun is not shining, we buy green electricity to ensure a continuous supply of green electricity.

No more non-transparent deductions, no more surprising additional payments. Simply smart energy supply for pioneers of the energy system transition!

What exactly is multi tenant self consumption and why is it cheaper?

Since mid-2017, the expansion of solar systems has also been promoted in multi tenant buildings.

So if the electricity is produced in the same place where it is also consumed, a house can become its own little green power plant, as the electricity does not have to go through the grid first (so we don’t have to pay fees for using the grid). Such multi tenant self consumption projects are state-subsidised – so we are usually 10% cheaper here than the local basic supplier tariff.

What happens when the sun doesn't shine? Where will my electricity come from then?

This much in advance: you don’t have to switch off the light then. Of course, the best thing is to use the electricity from your own roof directly – that is, while the sun is shining. However, since most electricity is needed in the evening or morning hours, we also buy used electricity for you. From modern hydro power plants in Austria. But you don’t have to do anything for it! We ensure that you are supplied with green electricity around the clock. Uninterrupted and at a uniform tariff.

Can it happen that I have to sit in the dark after all?

No! In Germany, the power supply is guaranteed without any gaps by the local network operators. Even during the changeover to us, this cannot happen.

While the digital electricity meter is being installed, our installers have to cut off the power for 15 minutes to be able to work seamlessly. However, this is usually not a problem for the devices.

What can I do if a technical fault occurs?

No problem, we’ll take care of it! Thanks to the secure technologies we use, we can already fix a lot of things via remote maintenance, since we are responsible for the system. For support, we have many partner expert teams distributed throughout Germany.

What if the sun shines more than is consumed in the building?

Surplus solar power flows into the grid and benefits other consumers. However, we foresee the technical possibility of using a battery to store solar power for consumption in the evening hours. By default, we wait until we have learned a few months more about the performance of the solar system and the amount of electricity consumed directly before deciding to install battery storage in the house.

This is the only way we can be sure that installing a battery is also economical.

I live as a tenant and would like to become an EINHUNDERT customer - how does that work?

We are pleased about the interest! We need more and more pioneers of the energy system transition. Another good thing about multi tenant self consumption projects is that we are not bound by the contract terms of tenants’ previous electricity providers, as these projects are state-subsidised and we can therefore easily obtain early release from existing contracts.


For more information, please click here.

My house will offer multi tenant self consumption - what do I have to consider?

First of all: congratulations! We are happy to see more pioneers of the energy system transition!

We would be happy to become your local electricity provider and supply you with cheap green electricity directly from your own roof, as well as the residual grid electricity seamlessly and at the same price. Then you too will receive your digital electricity meter.

At the time of installation of the digital electricity meters, about which we inform the tenants in good time, our technicians need access to the meter cabinets. We clarify this with the landlord or caretaker.

To replace the analogue electricity meters with the new digital devices, the installer has to cut off the electricity for about 15 minutes to be able to work seamlessly. This is usually no problem for the household devices!

We also take care of the maintenance of the solar system! By using the latest technology, we can carry out remote maintenance and therefore intervene immediately if something is wrong. Otherwise, we are proud to count class expert teams among our partners, who support us at our partner buildings spread throughout Germany.

Why can I only pay by direct debit?

Since you pay monthly for what you use, the amount of the bill will naturally always change a little. The easiest way for everyone involved is to arrange this via a direct debit mandate.

My contact or bank details have changed. Where can I file this change?

Soon this will work online in the personal area of the end-customer portal – until then we will gladly take care of it. Please simply send the new data by e-mail to service@einhundert.de or call us at 0221 / 888 7 999 8 with your customer number ready.

How long does a contract with EINHUNDERT last?

A contract runs for 12 months from the start of supply and is extended for a further 3 months if it has not been terminated by 1 month before the end of this period.

How do I cancel?

If you are not about to move out, there is certainly a way that we can get rid of the reason for termination – contact.

If there is no other possibility, we simply ask you to send a written notice of termination to service@einhundert.de or by post to EINHUNDERT Energie GmbH, Lichtstrasse 25, 50285 Cologne.

If you are moving out, please inform us early (at least 12 weeks before moving out), because maybe multi tenant self consumption is feasible in your new home. If this is not the case, we will regretfully terminate the contract on the date of moving out.


How does the switch work?

1) Fill in the registration form including the meter number.

2) Send the registration form to us by e-mail or telephone.

3) Done. If a digital electricity meter has not yet been installed, we will replace it with your current electricity meter. This process can take up to 10 weeks.

Without additional costs.

Am I bound by the contract period of my current provider?

No, because multi tenant self consumption projects are subsidised and therefore always have priority.

Are changes necessary in my home?

No, we simply replace the meter in your home and connect it to the Wi-Fi in your flat via a powerline.

But you won’t notice a thing.

Except that a technician comes by on one day and simply replaces the previous meter.

How is my electricity consumption billed?

Based on the consumption data transmitted to us by the digital electricity meter, we always bill you at the beginning of the month for the exact amount of electricity consumed in the previous month. Whether solar power from the roof or green electricity from the grid – you have an uncomplicated tariff.

Do I pay for the solar roof installation?

No, this is our investment in the energy system transition. The owners of your building merely provide us with the roof space.

Do I have to inform my current electricity provider of the meter reading when I change the meter?

No, we transmit the values to your old electricity provider and you receive a final bill afterwards.